How I can help

Evaluation & Workup 

Medication Prescription/Management
Laboratory Analysis
Dietary Adjustment & Recommendation
Supplement or Botanical Prescription


NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE Learn healthy nutrition for mental health with our complementary alternative medicine nurse practitioner

Initial Diagnostic Evaluation

Initial 60-minute appointment to review your history, assess your health, determine diagnosis and customize a treatment plan.


Prescribing, adjusting, or changing prescription medications & nutritional supplements. Visits are approximately 30 minutes for follow-up appointments.

Laboratory Analysis

Stress, gut health, hormones, and diet play a large role in your management of your energy, sleep, moods and emotions. Evaluation of your overall health with recommendations to balance these can be invaluable. Thyroid, iron, B & D vitamins, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are often analyzed and adjusted.  

Supplement & Botanical prescriptions

Health Coaching

Develop a practice to change dietary habits, increase regular activity, improve organization, increase focus/concentration, and increase emotional well-being.