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Relationship Resources

These websites are used as resources in my practice. Click on the photos and you'll be linked to a website. All are credible functional & integrative medicine providers who offer tools to assist with understanding personality differences, the impact of mood disorders on relationships, helpful communication tools, and ways to strengthen your relationship. These are topics discussed in individual and couples therapy and don't replace the work you would do with a qualified therapist. 

Understanding & Improving Relationships 

Our Defensive barriers weaken us. 

Practicing Mindfulness is a more effective way to stay healthy.

-Susan Gillis

Every interaction leaves an emotional imprint on us.

-Susan Gillis

The way to help ourselves is to help establish a relationship and gradually help them.

-Susan Gillis

Understanding Attachment Styles

Childhood Attachment impacts adult relationships

Relationship Skills

When we are closed we turn others into it...into an object.

-Martin Buber

Helpful  Books

In the middle of an argument ask... Do I really want to cause permanent harm to this relationship?

-Susan Gillis