Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is the intersection of traditional and Holistic Medicine. 

These highly educated providers offer more time for personalized, quality, evidence based traditional (and natural) medicine treatments. Utilizing only necessary tests, they help identify your top health issues.

Taking  time to interview you. Thoroughly examining you. Educating about treatments and health care.

Collaborating. Combing both traditional and natural options--to help you regain health balance.

Whole-Person Health

Today's doctor's office visit is anything but personalized. You are lucky to spend 10 minutes with a provider let alone someone who knows you.

Here your health issues are addressed in a relaxed old-fashioned environment. The out of pocket value far out-weighs the big clinic experience.

Here your whole person is assessed and a collaborative plan is drawn up to help you feel better.

Combining the best of traditional and whole-person health, we can help you experience better health!

Teens face many challenges today and their growth and development often influences their ever-changing moods. We try to help them feel welcome and comfortable to help build good health and positively manage their moods and behaviors through coaching, nutrition, and occasionally medication management.

Food allergies, weight management, Diabetes, low immune systems, vaccine questions, mood disorders, ADD, treatment of cold and flus, and general health issues are managed here both traditionally and holistically. Honest discussions about vaccine needs and choice.  Sports physicals. Wellness visits. Learning assessments. ADHD/ADD evaluations and treatment. Nutritional advice. Referrals.

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Understanding your child's unique development and behavior is important. Many children cannot manage their moods or regulate their emotions for a variety of reasons. We work with you to help you find natural and traditional support to help them feel better. Our office is small to help keep a relaxed and caring atmosphere.

Often we recommend holistic practices such as massage or acupuncture to help with your overall health. Acupuncture can help with a variety of conditions including pain management, hormone imbalance, stress reduction, and decrease addiction urges.

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