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The Gut-Brain Connection

Our digestive system (Gut) is the site where our body absorbs the food and fluids we eat to be broken down into nutrition that can be utilized by the cells in our body and brain. It houses the majority of our immune system and is where our moods are balanced or destabilized. Feed your gut a minimally processed variety of healthy whole foods and you will likely experience good health. Feed your body highly processed fats, sugars, processed carbohydrates, pesticide laden artificial colors, chemicals, dyes, additives found in ultra processed foods and you will likely have poor health and be overweight. Our digestive system is teaming with a large variety of bacteria both good and bad. Stress increases bad bacteria and lowers healthy bacteria. Healthy bacteria protects our immune system and allows our bodies to break down the foods we eat into useable forms.

Support for Proper Digestive Health