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Virtual & Office Visit Fees

This Integrative & Functional Medicine practice individualizes adolescent & adult patient care. 

Self-pay costs are $300.00 for initial assessment. Then visits are based on $300/hourly rate.

Ballard Psychiatric Associates, PLLC

Patients are financially responsible for their bills upfront regardless of having insurance. Contact your insurance plan's customer service to determine your eligibility for coverage, partial coverage, HSA use, or our of network provider permissions. 

Accepted insurance: Premera, Lifewise, Regence, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, First Choice, Cigna

Prescription Savings with Goodrx

GoodRx is a healthcare company that operates a telemedicine platform and a free-to-use website and mobile app that track prescription drug prices in the United States and provide free drug coupons for discounts on medications. GoodRx checks more than 75,000 pharmacies in the United States. 

How GoodRx can help

GoodRx gathers current prices and discounts to help you find the lowest cost pharmacy for your prescriptions.

GoodRx is 100% free. No personal information required.

Affordable Labs

Jason Health is a company providing a convenient, confidential and reliable way to easily obtain lab tests without requiring a health provider visit. They contract with Quest labs, conveniently located in every major city. 

Health insurance is not necessary for purchasing lab tests through Jason Health. Testing is affordable and accessible. If you have health insurance but would be charged high costs against your deductible, this is a better alternative.

MTHFR Testing is an online resource for clients searching for information about the MTHFR gene mutation and how it can impact health. They created a way to help individuals learn about MTHFR gene mutations, find a qualified health provider, order tests, and obtain genetic reports from raw data from and 23andme.

Their guest writers are well-established health care experts in MTHFR and in specialty areas of medicine. They consist of medical health providers, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists, and psychologists, each sharing their knowledge about how MTHFR can influence an individual's life. The articles include recommendations regarding health, wellness, and diet. 

They also include a section for tempting nutrient-rich recipes.