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Collaborative Care

Years ago, healthcare delivery was an arrangement between you and your doctor (or nurse practitioner).

Insurance companies did not dictate how much time they could spend with you or what kind of treatments or medicines could be prescribed. Your health provider knew you and your family. They established a relationship with you built on time, trust, and good quality care. They taught you how to care for yourself and your family.  Cost was reasonable and treatments were affordable.

Healthcare is more than a prescription medicine, its finding out what the root cause of your health imbalances are. Its looking at life stressors, genetics,  diet, allergies/sensitivities, hormone balance, sleep, and energy levels.

 A visit should incorporate time to assess these, exam you, collaborate, and come up with a treatment plan.

This is the kind of care you deserve. 

This is the care you need.

Work with a provider who listens

Your initial appointment allows for a detailed interview, a physical exam, medication or supplement recommendations, and a health prescription. It will be both collaborative and educational.

Customized your Mental & Physical Care

“I learned to add in 15-30 minute workouts throughout the week. Rotating workout machines toned my muscles and increased my metabolism.”

Understand the Food-Mood Connection

Healthy food delivers key nutrients to our bodies to be used by our cells to help us fight illness, stress, and keep our moods balanced.

Synergistic Supplements & Medications 

Medications can't replace nutrients lost from poor eating. Many medications cause nutrient losses from the body and require dietary changes or high quality supplements. We often prescribe supplements to improve your health and moods.

Lifestyle changes impact your mood

Our lives are too busy with work, commitments, family, friends, and excess noise. Electronics and technology interfere with our ability to rest, regenerate, and decompress. We can help teach you to balance work and life demands for better health and mental peace.

Sleep & Stress management are crucial

Sleep is restorative. There are many reasons people get poor sleep which contributes to low moods, anxiety, irritability, lack of focus, and poor concentration. The foods we eat, our environment, and stress play a role in poor sleep. Hormones & stress play a key role in tiredness & poor sleep, learning to get a better night's rest can make a world of difference.

Whole health=Mood Management 

Imagine a provider who could help you  balance out your moods, anxiety, restlessness, and inattention. Through food, specific supplements, medication recommendations, health coaching, and stress reduction; you can feel better!